Do you provide food?

Yes. Each morning we provide morning tea for children ay Albury Occasional Care and Early Learning Centre. This mainly consists of a seasonal fruit and vegetable platter with chesses dips, sandwiches, wraps etc. Please see the menu in the foyer each day.

Lunch and afternoon tea will need to be supplied by the guardian.

Some ideas of foods to include:


• sandwiches, rolls, wraps, pita bread
• fruit bread, scone, pikelets
• crackers, corn and rice cakes, breadsticks
• rice, noodles, pasta cold roast beef, lamb, pork, chicken, tuna or salmon as a filling in sandwiches, rolls and wraps or added to salad
• hardboiled egg in salad, sandwiches or for a snack
• baked beans, lentil patty
• left-over casserole, rissoles, meatballs, bolognaise sauce, stirfry
• cheese slice, cheese stick or cubes of cheese as a snack with cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes
• cheese in sandwiches, rolls and wraps or on crackers or rice cakes
• yoghurt or custard (small tub or pouch)
• plain milk (small UHT poppers of plain milk are easy to add to lunchboxes)
• calcium-enriched soy alternatives (soy milk, soy yoghurt)

Are there any food products that are excluded?

The centre has a nut free policy. In the best interest and safety of all children we ask that the followings products be excluded from your child’s lunch box:

• Peanut butter
• Peanuts/ nuts of all types
• Nutella
• Nut snack bars
• Any other product that contain peanuts or nuts listed as an ingredient on the food label.

Foods and drinks to leave out of the lunch box.

Snack foods and drinks that are high in added sugar, saturated fat or salt are generally low in nutrients. They also provide a lot of kilojoules that can contribute to children becoming overweight or obese. We call these ‘sometimes’ foods and drinks because they should only be consumed sometimes and in small amounts. Sticky, sweet foods can also cause tooth decay.

Sticky or sweet foods:

• lollies, chocolates, jelly cups
• cakes, doughnuts, sweet muffins
• plain sweet/cream-filled biscuits
• muesli /cereal bars
• fruit bars and fruit straps

Salty, high fat foods:

• potato chips
• corn chips
• cheesy balls, twists
• small oven-baked savoury biscuits
• devon and salami Sweetened drinks:
• cordial and soft drink
• fruit juice
• flavoured mineral water
• fruit juice drinks
• sports drinks

It is best not to pack these ‘sometimes’ foods and drinks in lunchboxes. If you do occasionally put a ‘sometimes’ food or drink in the lunchbox, keep it to a very small portion only.

Are you a breast-feeding friendly facility?

The service recognises that families have the right to decide whether they will breastfeed their infant while they are in care, and each family’s decision will be accepted and respected. Our service will provide a supportive environment by feeding infants expressed breastmilk supplied by their families and by providing suitable spaces and resources to mothers breastfeeding their infants.

What if my child has allergies?

Within our enrolment form there is an area for you to indicate if your child has any allergies or medical conditions.

All children are supervised during meal times and educators have first aid qualifications that allow them to recognise and respond to signs and symptoms of allergic reactions.

If your child has anaphylaxis you will need to complete an ASCIA action plan in conjunction with your GP and provide a copy to the centre upon enrolment.

All staff are made aware of children’s allergies through our internal communication strategies and visual displays.

In the unlikely event that your child does have a reaction whilst in care Parents/Guardians will be contact immediately. If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to speak to one of our friendly educators during enrolment or inquiry.

For further information please refer to the centre’s anaphylaxis policy (Medical Conditions Policy).


How much do you charge?


Our service only receives a small amount of State Government funding; therefore, fees and fundraising are an important part in the continual running of the Centre. We strive to keep fees as economical as possible. We charge a flat rate of $12.00 per child per hour (a minimum of one hour is required when booking and time slots can be increased by half hour increments). Fees are to be paid on arrival on the day of care or in advance.

Time booked is time paid for: That is, if you have booked your child into care from 9.00am to 3.00pm and you arrive to collect your child at 2.00pm you are still required to pay till 3.00pm.

After 6.00pm our service is unlicensed a late fee will be charged at $5.00 for every 5 minutes late. During the day, the hourly rate applies. If you are running late please phone the service to let us know.


Families are required to provide a bond of $100.00. This money is returned at the end of the year if the family’s account is up to date. If an account falls into arrears, Centre staff will contact the family to rectify the situation. If attempts to rectify the account fail, written notice will be given that the Centre intends on using part or full use of the bond to clear the account.

Do you pay for public holidays when holding a regular booking?

No, you are not required to pay for any days where the centre is not open for business.

Do you offer government rebates?

Families can utilize Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to reduce the fees they pay to Albury Occasional Childcare and Early Learning Centre.

The subsidy you will receive, and any applicable cap will depend upon your own personal circumstances and is subject to your combined family income, hours of recognised activity and child care details.

To receive Child Care Subsidy, parents need to complete an application through their Centrelink online or MyGov account. More information about Child Care Subsidy can be found at:

Once you have been assessed as eligible for CCS, you will need to provide us with both parent/carer’s and child’s customer reference numbers and confirm your child’s booking at Albury Occasional Childcare and Early Learning Centre through your MyGov account.

Full fees will be charged until the centre receives details of CCS payments.

How do I pay my bill?

Please pay each day with EFTPOS, credit card, direct deposit or cash. Alternative payment methods can be arranged with approval from the Director.

Weekly statements of care activity and payments will be emailed to all enrolled families each Friday afternoon.

Bookings and cancellations

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can be made via phone or email, a maximum of two weeks in advance at any time. Bookings can be a minimum of one hour and increase by half hourly lots up to 10 hours per day. Email bookings can be taken from 7am each Monday morning for the calendar week we are in plus two weeks ahead.

Phone bookings can be taken during business hours Monday to Friday. A message bank system is available for families that may find it easier to request bookings via phone after hours. Voice mails an be left and educators will attend to them the following business day.

The service also offers out a small amount of regular positions each year.

Regular position bookings are opened at a fixed time on a fixed date to be determined on an annual basis by the committee of management. Forms to indicate your request for ongoing days and times will be distributed prior to this date providing details of the system.

Regular positions are determined according to the priority of access as stipulated in the Children’s Services regulations.

Regular position bookings can only be made on a full annual basis. The booking commences from the first opening week of the centre in January and continues until the closing week in December.

What if I need to cancel Occasional Bookings?

Cancellations for Occasional Bookings can be made up to 12pm the day before the booking without incurring any fees.

Cancellations of care after 12pm the day before your booking acquire a 50% charge.

Sick children will not be charged where the centre is notified the child will not be attending prior to the commencement of the booking (a doctor’s certificate will need to be provided if cancelling on the day of the child’s care). If not notified, then the 50% charge will apply.

If a child is sent home due to illness, normal fees will apply.

Non-attendance (no notification provided via e-mail or phone). Full fees will apply.

What if I need to cancel Regular Bookings?

Where strictly three weeks’ notice is provided for nonattendance on a regular position booking (e.g. for annual leave/school holidays) no charge will be made for the time not in care.

Where less than three weeks’ notice is provided for nonattendance on a regular position booking a 50% charge will apply.

If the child is sick and cannot attend a 50% charge will apply. If the child becomes unwell and is sent home from care normal charges will apply.

There will be no charge on regular bookings for NSW gazetted public holidays where the Centre is not open.

Regular position bookings can be permanently altered if a position is available at no charge. They can also be permanently cancelled with no charge where three weeks’ notice is given. The 50% cancellation fee will apply until the notice period is completed.

All bookings that are not cancelled either by phone or e-mail will be charged at full fees for the time booked.


What do I need to bring?

Due to fluctuating numbers it is difficult for us to cater everything that your child may need on the day. Families are responsible for providing anything the child may need throughout the duration of there visit. (Please see a guided list below)


Please provide your child with a broad brimmed sun hat all year round. Beanies can be worn in the winter months.


Your child’s day at the Centre is very busy, with lots of messy activities and experiences, therefore please bring your child in clothes they can play freely in, without fear of getting them spoiled by messy activities. Providing a spare change of clothes and several pairs of underwear if your child is toilet training is a good idea.

For safety reasons, we ask that you child does not wear thongs. Closed in shoes or sandals are ideal.

Provide your child with warm coats, hats, gumboots and slippers for winter.

In Summer please provide sun-safe clothing that covers as much of their skin (especially the shoulders, back and stomach) as possible. This includes wearing:

  • Loose fitting skirts and dresses with sleeves and collars or covered neckline
  • Longer style skirts, shorts and trousers.

(For further tips please refer to the centre’s Sun Safety Policy)


Provide your child with adequate nappies for the day if required.

Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea & Drink

8.30 to 10.30am Please bring a piece of fruit/vegetable (such as apple, orange, sultanas, pear, peach, grapes, carrot, cheese, dry biscuits etc.) for all to share, staff will cut them up for a sharing platter.

11.45am-12.15pm A healthy generous lunch should be provided. We encourage a balanced and healthy diet. The Centre has a ‘Nut Free Policy’ To protect children attending the Centre who have anaphylactic reactions to nuts. Please ensure than lunch boxes do not include any food containing nuts (e.g., peanut butter, Nutella or whole nuts in snack packs).

2.00pm Again, please provide a piece of fruit or a healthy snack (yogurt, cheese and dry biscuits etc.)

Drink – Please provide a labelled drink bottle with water. Water and plain milk/formula are the only drinks the children are to have at the service.

Other items to bring

  • If your child has a special toy, teddy, blanket that will assist them settling, please bring it along.
  • If your child has a dummy, you must provide a named container for its use and bring with child.
  • Sunscreen is provided, however if your child has an allergy please bring your own.
  • Nappy wipes are provided, however if your child has skin sensitivities, please bring your own along.

What qualifications do educators have?

All educator’s have a minimum certificate III in children’s services. A current working with children’s check and valid first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis certificate.

For individual educator qualification levels please refer to the Parent Handbook.

What is your educator to staff ratio’s?

The centre is required to staff the same as any other long day care facility under the children services regulations.

1:4 for 0-2-year old’s

1:5 for 2-3year old’s

1:10 for 3-6-year old’s

The centre is licenced for 29 children. Catering for a maximum of eight 0-2-year old’s.

The number of children booked in each day in individual age groups determines staffing levels.

There is always a minimum of two educators at the centre while children are present.

Are you open during school holidays?

Yes, the centre is open for 50 weeks per year. The centre closes for NSW gazetted public holidays and for a two-week period over Christmas and New year. The dates for this closure period are determined in September each year via the centre’s management committee. Enrolled families are always notified of intended closure dates in advance.